vSphere 6 Documentation Rollup

This entry will be updated as the need arises. New items in bold.

Last update:  5/3/2015, 8:47PM ET

vSphere 6 is now GA.

As we near the release of the next major version of VMware vSphere, version-specific documentation will be published. When I become aware of it, I will update this blog entry with links to the documentation.


Changes in TPS Defaults – “Secure by Default” is the Mantra

Transparent Page Sharing is the ability for virtual machines to share identical memory pages. This allows hosts to most efficiently use memory, particularly when those hosts have many almost identical VMs running on them. The net benefit is better memory usage when it is actually leveraged (which isn’t always), potentially leading to greater consolidation ratios. TPS has been around almost as long as VMware.

As the blog post below indicates, VMware is making a change to the default settings for TPS in proactive response to theoretical security research. I encourage you to click-through to learn more.


Network I/O Control Slides from Performance Best Practices

vSphere 5 Performance BP – Net Specific Slides

One of my customers is investigating best practices for combining network traffic types on a 10Gb link, since obviously having 1 NIC per traffic type (vMotion, Management, FCoE, iSCSI, etc.) isn’t feasible. These slides were pulled from a vSphere 5.0 deck that VMware’s Technical Marketing put together. If I find more detailed slides I’ll update the post.