VMworld 2014 Announcements Roundup


A quick run-down of the VMworld 2014 Announcements:

On the SDDC Front:

  • EVO:  A new family of hyper-converged infrastructure, the fastest way to build and deploy a software-defined data center. With EVO:Rail, the time to deploy is cut to 15 minutes from the moment the hardware, provided by our partners, is racked. 15 minutes!!! EVO:Rack (in Tech Preview) expands this concept out to the rack to provide even more scalability, simply provided. In fact, part of the Hands On Lab infrastructure ran on EVO:RACK, which we gave a Tech Preview of at the conference.
  • Docker Containers Partnership:  Containers without compromise through our partnerships with Google and Docker.
  • Openstack on vSphere:  Choice without disruption through our announcement of OpenStack APIs being available on top of the VMware infrastructure.
  • NSX 6.1: With NSX 6.1 and micro-segmentation we offer customers a unique way to secure their data centers within the perimeter. Micro-segmentation – the ability to easily bind your security policies to your apps, instead of your firewalls, is the leading use case driving the adoption of NSX.
  • vCloud Suite 5.8:  with improved BC/DR, support for Hadoop 2, improved NSX interoperability, and new proactive support with the free Support Assistant vCenter plug-in.

On the vCloud front:

  • vCloud Hybrid Service vCloud Air:  Our hybrid cloud is being renamed after one year of momentum. Already we’ve introduced DaaS and DRaaS offerings on top of vCloud Air, and we continue to strengthen the offering with…
  • vCloud Air On Demand:  Simple. Fast. Flexible. Pay per minute, only for what you need, and it’s immediately available. Try the beta.
  • Beta of vRealize Air Automation:  Our management and business suites will be renamed and refocused for the cloud. vRealize Air Automation, the first in a family of new as-a-service cloud management offerings enabling customers to automate the delivery and on-going lifecycle management of applications and infrastructure services. vRealize Air Automation is vCloud Automation Center (vCAC), just as-a-service.
  • vCloud Air Network:  With almost 3,900 partners around the world, VMware offers more choice than any other cloud provider through their unique services and offerings.

And in EUC…

  • Workspace Suite launch:  With Workspace Suite end-users gain a unified experience across mobile and desktop services while IT gains a comprehensive management solution.


  • Citizen Philanthropy:  We invited attendees to help us give our money worthy causes through Citizen Philanthropy. Destination Give Back is where attendees could build and fly paper airplanes in support of their cause. The further the flight, the more VMware donated on their behalf. Together, we raised $248,460 dollars in four days.